Golden Gateway

Golden Gateway Golden Gate Bridge, California The Golden Gate Bridge glows through pre-dawn hours. Don't forget to SHARE the beauty of our public lands. Contact me to purchase prints.


Golden Marin Headlands, California I just landed back in New Jersey a few hours ago. Here's the first photograph from my trip to California. Taken in Marin Headlands just outside San Francisco. The Golden Gate bridge can be seen in the background. This place is epic. Contact me for prints! Share the beauty of our public open spaces!

American Icon

American Icon Yosemite National Park, California Wildfires illuminate the sky as climbers' headlamps guide the way as they scale the granite cliffs of one of America's most iconic National Park views. Don't forget to SHARE the beauty of our public lands! Contact me to purchase prints.

Zodiacal Fire

Zodiacal Fire Yosemite National Park, California While photographing stars in Californias Yosemite National Park around 4:30 AM PCT, I noticed the glow of the Zodiacal light over the backcountry wilderness. It was my first time witnessing the Zodiacal light. What made it even more memorable was seeing the glow above the smoke from wildfires in the valley bellow! From Wikipedia: Zodiacal light is a faint, diffuse, and roughly triangular white glow visible in the night sky that appears to extend from the vicinity of the Sun along the ecliptic or zodiac.It is caused by sunlight scattered by space dust in the zodiacal cloud. It is best seen during twilight after sunset in spring and before sunrise in autumn, when the zodiac is at a steep angle to the horizon. However, the glow is so faint that moonlight and/or light pollution outshine it, rendering it invisible. The zodiacal light decreases in intensity with distance from the Sun, but in naturally dark skies, it is visible as a band completely around the ecliptic. In fact, the zodiacal light covers the entire sky and is largely responsible for the total natural skylight on a moonless, clear night. Another phenomenon—a faint, but slightly brighter, oval glow—directly opposite of the Sun is the gegenschein. The dust forms a thick pancake-shaped cloud in the Solar System collectively known as the zodiacal cloud, which occupies the same plane as the ecliptic. The dust particles are between 10 and 300 micrometres in diameter, most with a mass around 150 micrograms. Don't forget to SHARE the beauty of our public lands. Contact me to purchase prints.

Fire on the Mountain

Fire on the Mountain Wildfires glow in Yosemite's backcountry illuminate the blue hour just before twilight. Don't forget to SHARE the beauty of our public lands. Contact me to purchase prints.

America's Best Idea

America's Best Idea Sunrise sets fire to the granite monoliths of Yosemite National Park. Standing here, watching this happen, seeing the light and shadows change, is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I'd like to thank the National Park Service for doing all that they do. I'd have lost my mind many years back if it weren't for sanctuaries like this one. Don't forget to SHARE the beauty of our public lands. Contact me to purchase prints.

Dreaming California

Dreaming California Big Sur, California I arrived in Big Sur around 4:00 AM. Crouched behind a boulder on a cliff, out of the frigid wind, I watched meteors die in the ink black sky over the Pacific Ocean. I felt like I was at the edge of the world (the best places contrive such a feeling). The troubles of modern day life were on the other side of the world. It was time, space, geology, astronomy and me. The good stuff.